50+ Unique Heart Touching Mother Love Quotes

Read these unique Mother love quotes, Mother is a title that shows a selfless person. The one who gives birth to a new life raises them, guides them, defends them from danger, and shows them with the warmth of love. They are the children’s first teachers, they are the ones who encourage us to take … Read more

Top 50+ One Sided Love Quotes

Read this list of one sided love quotes, One more day and one more Love failure. No matter how much I try I still can’t muster up enough courage to tell you that what you mean to me. I cry every day thinking that you’re in reach of my hand, but still I can’t reach … Read more

Top 30+ Painful Love Quotes

Love is a part of life that can give you pain for a lifetime, a bad memory, make you cry, make you hate everything… The pain which we get in love is not forgotten easily… When things change suddenly and you’re happy to love life becomes a bad experience of love then it broke us, … Read more

Top 100+ Unique Cute Girlfriend Quotes

Readout girlfriend quotes and saying which makes your day better, I don’t want you to be beautiful or perfect, I don’t want you to be best at everything and I will still love you because I don’t love your body I love you. You are the only person who said even if you fell short … Read more

Best 50+ Most Famous Love Quotes About Life

I no longer chase anything or anyone. I work for what I need and I remain patient while going after it. So-called buddies who want to go can go. Partners who have forgotten how to love me can go. I do not have the power to chase what is not for me. Life is too … Read more

Top 119 Long Distance Relationship Quotes

Read this lovely list of long distance relationship quotes, The relationship which is separated by distance flourishes more than others. Because those people have given the ultimate test of being in a relationship which is by being far away and them, the waiting they have gone can’t be compared & if you are still in … Read more

20+ Cute & Lovely Love Quotes for Wife

My wife is my other half not just in words. We are two different people with the same soul, without her I’m incomplete. She takes care of our home single-handedly non-stop day after day. She defined me, gave me a purpose, and was the one who always has my back and lets me walk in … Read more

Best 50+ Love Food Quotes for Food Lovers

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50+ Best Heart-Touching Love Quotes For Him

Read these complete articles list on Love quotes for him, Always make her happy and often tell her how beautiful she/he is….always send her special text, meet often, call her, make her feel special that he/she is the one with whom you want to spend the rest of your life. When u love someone with … Read more

Best 80+ Never Give Up Quotes Formula

Sometimes I think I am a failure, I have no talent, and feel like why am I even alive. Every day feels like hell on earth, but still, I will not back down just because of these hardships I will move forward till I get success and, be someone person I can be proud of. … Read more