Best 100+ Cute Sister Quotes & Saying

Here we have created a cute list of sister quotes from brother & sister. Sisters always ask questions, tell you when your har doesn’t look good, borrow your clothes, are honest when it comes to fashion, share secrets when the sun is set, laugh out loud at every joke, fight but are never drawn apart, love you always, encourage you when you are down, tell you “you are beautiful”, and always hug you when least expect it…

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Sisters are friends you can be truly honest with.

Sister Quotes

People come and go, friends change like the weather but I know my sister is here forever. I love you.

Sister Quotes

Sisters are for sharing laughter and wiping tears.

Sister Quotes

A sister is a special type of angel on earth who brings out your best qualities.

Sister Quotes

Being sisters means you always have a backup.

Sister Quotes

Bonds between sisters are tightly woven and sometimes loosely held. But they can never be broken.

Sister Quotes

My sister and I are so close that we finish each other’s sentences and often wonder who’s memories belong to whom.

Sister Quotes

You may be as different as the sun and the moon, but the same blood flows through both your hearts. You need her, as she needs you.

Sister Quotes

When sisters stand shoulder to shoulder, who stands a chance against us?

Sister Quotes

The best thing about having a sister was that I always had a friend.

Sister Quotes

Love Your Sister Quotes

Her love is the most beautiful feeling in life. Sister is one who we fight, love, and created a beautiful memory. When we are confused and no one supports us. The sister is one who can support us and give us the power to fight with life. Readout these love your sister quotes which we created for sister lovers.

Love Your Sister Quotes
Love Your Sister Quotes

A sister is a little bit of childhood that can never be lost.

Sisters help make the hard times easier and the easy times more fun.

The greatest gift our parents gave us was each other.

Sister is probably the most competitive relationship within the family, but once the sisters are grown, it becomes the strongest relationship.

While growing up, sisters fight to make each other stronger and ready to face the cruel world.

It’s nice to grow up with a sister; someone to lean on, to count on, and to tell on.

I never try to make anyone my best friend because I already have one and she is my sister.

Sister is probably the most competitive relationship within the family, but once the sisters are grown, it becomes the strongest relationship.

When traveling life’s journey it’s good to have a sister’s hand to hold on to.

She’s my sister, my best friend, my soul mate, and the best part of me.

Dear sister, you may be gone from my sight, but you are never far from my heart.

My sister is my best friend because she believes in me when I don’t believe in myself.

Sisters are always connected at the heart even if they’re miles apart.

Friends change, lovers leave, sisters are eternal.

Fairies truly are real. I have one, and I call her sister.

I smile because you’re my sister. I laugh because you can’t do anything about it.

Like a big brother, the day comes when you have to respect your baby sister’s thoughts, actions, and vision as a mature and intellectual woman.

I never try to make anyone my best friend because I already have one and she is my sister.

Sisters are the people we practice on, the people who teach us about fairness and cooperation and kindness and caring quite often the hard way.

Only a sister will tell you honestly when an outfit you’re wearing doesn’t look great on you.

Meaningful Sister Quotes

My sister is my best friend. I’m not sure what I did to deserve her, but I thank god every day for her. She is wonderful, strong, loving, and forgiving. I couldn’t imagine my life without her. I love her so much. Let’s check these meaningful sister quotes…

Meaningful Sister Quotes
Meaningful Sister Quotes

An older sister is a friend and defender – a listener, conspirator, counselor, and sharer of delights. And sorrows too.

Brothers and sisters are as close as hands and feet.

There is no better friend than a sister. And there is no better sister than you.

If your sister is in a tearing hurry to go out and cannot catch your eye, she’s wearing your best sweater.

Our roots say we’re sisters, our hearts say we’re friends.

Don’t believe an accident of birth makes people sisters or brothers. It makes them siblings, gives them mutuality of parentage. Sisterhood and brotherhood is a condition people have to work at.

A sister is a gift to the heart, a friend to the spirit, a golden thread to the meaning of life.

Sisters make the good times even better and the hard times just a little bit easier.

Sisters, as you know, also have a unique relationship. This is the person who has known you your entire life, who should love you and stand by you no matter what, and yet it’s your sister who knows exactly where to drive the knife to hurt you the most.

Sisters bring out the strongest of emotions and the best in us. They’re the first people we love and a lifelong friend.

To my sister, thank you for being there whenever I needed a helping hand. Thank you for always being honest. Thank you for being you. I love you so much. If you ever need me, I’ll be there.

The best thing about sisters? They’ll see you at your worst, and still love you all the same. Thank you for always being there! I love you.

When I think of you, dear sister, I love that you’re also my very best friend. Every day, our relationship is a gift I cherish deeply.

You’ve been by my side during the hardest periods of my life, and I can never thank you enough for your genuine support and care. I’m forever in your debt, sis.

Thank you for sticking with me through thick and thin. You’re my sister and my best friend, and I love you more than you will ever know!

What an outstanding woman you grew up to be! I’m very proud of you, dear sister, and I can’t sing your praises enough. You’re amazing!

You’re my role model and I can only hope to follow in your steps. Thanks for setting a great example for me, sis. I love you so very much.

No matter how far apart life has taken us, we’ve never stopped being family. This feeling gives me all the support I need. Thank you, sister, and I love you.

Our parents never had to worry because we always had each other. We played together, we fought, we made up, and we made the happiest memories. I love you, sister. I always have and I always will.

You make the world a brighter place, sis. You can make anything better with a good-hearted joke, or a soft, loving word. I love you for that. Your support is everything to me.

Sister Quotes on Birthday

May this day bring you showers or radiant light to lift your spirits and bring you joy! may love to fulfill your heart and send happiness your way. May angels bestow many blessings upon your life, and light your way with peace. wish your sis for birthday with these beautiful sister quotes

Sister Quotes on Birthday
Sister Quotes on Birthday

Happy birthday, sister! with each passing year, you shine even brighter.

Happy birthday to the most charming person on the planet. I love you, sis!

Dear sister, today you’re given another opportunity to blow out candles, I’m sure you are grateful because it means another year of joy and greater opportunities for you, make every day of your life count and enjoy every moment. Happy birthday sweet sister.

Dear sister, Always remember I loved you yesterday, I love you still, I always have and I always will.

For your birthday, I wanted to give you something that was both funny and charming, but then I remembered you already have me in your life.

A sister as special as you deserves to be celebrated every day in every way. I hope you have an amazing day! Happy Birthday, sis!

I hope your cake is as sweet as you are. Happy Birthday, sis!

You and I are sisters, always remember that if you fall, I will pick you up…After I finish laughing. Happy birthday…

Don’t worry about getting older. You’re still gonna do dumb stuff, only slower.

Sisters help you find important things when you have lost them. Things like your smiles, your hopes, and your courage.

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Sister Quotes Funny

Back off I have a crazy sister she has anger issues and a serious dislike for stupid people and I’m not afraid to use her. Read these funny sister quotes and express your funny feelings.

Sister Quotes Funny
Sister Quotes Funny

I know what you did, and I will tell Mom!

As far as sisters go, you’re the best there is, but I’m still the favorite.

Little sisters – the only person in the world you can blame for the things you did and get away with it.

You’re my sister and my best friend. If you think otherwise, just remember I know all your secrets.

If you trip and fall in life, I will be there to help you up – after I quit laughing.

When you have a sister, you never truly forget the past. If you do, she’ll be happy to remind you of all your stupidest mistakes.

Our crazy family tree – we’re just two nuts who survived it together. Love you, sis.

No matter how hard you try, sisters are the friends you can never get rid of.

If you mess with the big sister, there is always a younger, crazier sister behind her… that’s who you don’t want to mess with!

I smile because you’re my sister. I laugh because there’s nothing you can do about it.

We are sisters. If I am mad at someone, you are mad at them, too. End of story.

Big Sister Quotes

A sister likes you. I’m so thankful I have a sister like you to count on. I know you’ll always be there with open arms if I need a hug, And an open mind if I need someone to understand. I’m so glad I can be myself around you. You know my qualities and my faults, and you love me just the same.

I’m so proud to have a sister like you …Not just for what you have accomplished, but for who you are. You’re the most important person in my life. Here we created a lovely list for big sister quotes.

Big Sister Quotes
Big Sister Quotes

Being a big sister is to love your brother, even if he does not want it or love you in return.

Sister is the second version of a mother. She will give you advice, protect you and scold you, but will never tolerate if someone hurts you.

I’m the big sister. I want to make sure she has everything, even if I don’t have anything. I love her too much.

There is nothing like the love between a big sister and a little sister.

All my life you have been there. You picked me up when I was down. You encouraged me when I had doubts. And you always loves me, even when I was unlovable. Thank you, my sister!

Behind every little sister, there’s a big sister standing behind her holding a bat saying, ‘you wanna say that again?’

Side by side or miles apart sisters will always be connected by the heart.

My favorite superhero is my big sister.

Dear sister, I’m not perfect. I’ll annoy you, make fun of you, say stupid things, but you’ll never find someone who loves you as much as I do.

My first job is big sister and I take very seriously.

Little Sister Quotes

Check these little sister quotes, I love her to the core after seeing her once when I saw her, I felt she is my world. She made me feel more than my mother.

Little Sister Quotes
Little Sister Quotes

If I could give my sister just one thing in life, it would be the ability to see herself through my eyes, only then would she realize how special she is to me.

If you mess with a big sister, there is always a younger, crazier sister behind her…That’s who you don’t wanna mess with!

We didn’t even realize we were making memories, we just knew we were having fun.

Because angels are sometimes busy elsewhere god created sisters, like you.

I love my sister, She is simply amazing and I just couldn’t imagine my life without her.

A sister like you is a wonderful gift. There have been at least a thousand times when I have thanked God for you.

Sisters are angels who lift us up when our wings forget how to fly.

A sister is a gift to the heart, a friend to the spirit, a golden thread to the meaning of life.

A sister is god’s way of proving he doesn’t want us to walk alone.

Little Sis… You make my heart smile.

Cousin Sister Quotes

Happiness is when someone ruins their sleeping schedule just to talk to you. Share your feeling with these cousin sister quotes with lots of love.

Cousin Sister Quotes
Cousin Sister Quotes

There’s nobody in the world that knows me better than my cousin sister.

God made us cousins because he knew our mothers could not handle us, siblings.

Cousins by blood. Sisters by heart. Friends by choice.

No one will ever be as entertained by us as us.

Cousin to cousin we’ll always be, special friends from the same family tree.

We may not have it all together, but together we have it all.

Happiness is a cup of tea and a chat with your sister.

A cousin is a little bit of childhood that can never be lost.

Ain’t no cousin like the one I got.

Cousins are connected heart to heart. Distance and time can’t keep them apart.

Sister Quotes on Anniversary

Life is simply amazing when you have a sister, It becomes perfect when she is your best friend too. I love you, sis! Happy Anniversary. Here is a list of sister quotes on Anniversary.

Sister Quotes on Anniversary
Sister Quotes on Anniversary

Wishing you lots of happiness today and forevermore. Happy Anniversary

Happy Anniversary may your marriage be blessed with love, joy, and companionship for all the years of your lives…

The love and trust you share with each other and the support which you give to each other make your the best couple in the world. Happy Anniversary!

Happy Anniversary! wishing you so many more years filled with the most love and happiness.

Happy Anniversary! To a beautiful brother and sister-in-law. may the freshness of your love always remain!

May the love you share today grow stronger as you grow old together.

May you continue to be a wonderful husband and wife to each other. Wishing you nothing but happiness, love, and joy in the year’s head.

Happy Anniversary my little beautiful sister!

You guys are still a wonderful couple even after all these years. Happy Anniversary!

Happy anniversary to a loving couple…

Some More Sister Quotes

One special person who can make me smile and makes me forget my bad mood instantly with just one text or call. here are some more sister quotes. Hopes you enjoy this!

Some More Sister Quotes
Some More Sister Quotes

Sometimes I wonder how you put up with me. Then I remember, oh I put up with you. So we’re even.

What I really love about being your sister is that we can have inappropriate conversations that no rational person would ever have.

Sisters are probably the most competitive relationship within the family, but once the sisters are grown, it becomes the strongest relationship.

A perfect sister I am not, but thankful for the one I’ve got.

There is no problem that sisters cannot confront, combat, plot against, ignore, make fun of, drown in chocolate sauce, or run over with the car.

When I say I won’t tell anyone, my sister doesn’t count.

A sister is both your mirror and your opposite.

Remember sister, you are always in my heart. I keep you so close that there is no chance of escaping. A sister in a friend will come and go but a friend in a sister will always remain.

When we stand shoulder to shoulder, sister, no one can ever come between us.

Having a sister is like having a best friend you can’t get rid of. You know whatever you do, they’ll still be there.

A conversation with my sister will always bring me comfort no matter what life throws at me.
I can choose my lovers and my friends. But I never had the opportunity to choose my sister, and I’m glad I didn’t because she is the best sister anyone could ever have.

Never look down on your sister except when you’re picking her up.

Our sisters are there for us from the start of our own personal stories until the very end.

Sisters may share the same mother and father but appear to come from different families.

Sisterly love is, of all sentiments, the most abstract. Nature does not grant it any functions.

Come on Grace, I’m not going to tell on you. I’m your sister. And that’s all she has to say.

I haven’t heard anything about a reunion show for Sisters. But if the script was good I would do it.

I consider my mom and all my sisters my friends.

I played with dolls until I was 15. My mother encouraged it because my older sister got married when she was 15, so Mom thought that the longer I stayed with dolls, the better.

What are sisters for if not to point out the things the rest of the world is too polite to mention?
Having a sister is like having a best friend you can’t get rid of. You know whatever you do, they’ll still be there.

What’s the good news if you haven’t a sister to share it with?

An older sister helps one remain half child, half woman.

Elder sisters never can do younger ones justice!

We acquire friends and we make enemies, but our sisters come with the territory.

If you don’t understand how a woman could both love her sister dearly and want to wring her neck at the same time, then you were probably an only child.

Older sisters are the only people who will pick on you for their own amusement and beat up anyone else who tries to do the same.

If I could pull down the rainbow, I would write your name on it & put it back in the sky, to let everyone know, how colorful my life is with a sister like you.

These are some of the lists of sister quotes hope you love this! If you want anything is added to this article comment on it…We will update soon!


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